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Product Description

1.Automatic transmission, compact structure, high reliability;
2.Mulity-roller transmission is not easy to slide. The thin-wallmaterial also may be bended.
3.The rollers on both sides are distributed asymmetrically,reducing linear part.
4.Both the sides of the side roller can be used for feedingworkpiece.
5.The footplate switch is equipped with emergent stopping system for operating conveniently.
6.This machine drives stably. Only adjust the side rollercan get round, arc or spirality of different curvatures.
7.If change mould’s shape, various metal shaped materials can be processed, like angle iron, flat steel, round steel or other special shaped material
8.It avoids the shortcomings of making super large tube bending mould while bending the large-radius shaped material, which is a necessary complementarity that series single-head, double-head tube benders can not reach.
9.Being of high speed and high benefit, this machine is adapted for middle or large batches production machine

Machine Parameters

Product name
ADV TB Vegetable greenhouse pipe bending machine
Max bending capacity
Shaft diameter
70 mm
Molding line number
9/11/13 rounds bearing steel
Steel plate thickness
50 mm
Total power
9.3 kw
Processing diameter range
Processing speed
15-60 m/min
Machine size
1500*1500*1500 mm
Machine weight

Application industry and sample

1. Furniture industry: steel table tube, steel chair tube, steel bed tube, steel towel rack, etc.
2. Construction industry: steel guardrails, steel doors, steel handrails and steel windows, etc.
3. Public facilities industry: flagpoles, outdoor sports equipment, bus and subway handrails, shed frame, Sports equipment, Medical device processing, etc
ADV TB CNC tube bending machine is suitable for stainless steel, steel, aluminium, copper, etc.

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