ADV-108 External Tube Polishing Machine: The Stainless Steel Precision Processing Expert in the Food Industry

Dic 15 ,2023



In the realm of precision stainless steel processing, we proudly present the ADV-108 External Tube Polishing Machine. This article delves into the unique design features and advanced capabilities of the ADV-108, showcasing its exceptional applications in the food industry.

ADV-108 Technical Highlights

1. Densely Arranged Leveling Rolls

The ADV-108 employs a multitude of closely arranged leveling rolls, providing precise straightening for various sizes of external tubes. Depending on the diameter, this includes 23 rollers for the 32/40/50 series, 21 rollers for the 60 series, 19 rollers for the 80 series, and 15 rollers for the 100/125 series, and so forth.

2. Significantly Smaller Diameter of Leveling Rolls

Compared to traditional mechanical parallel roller straightening machines, the ADV-108 features leveling rolls with a diameter that is 50% smaller, arranged in a more compact manner. Numerous staggered leveling rolls ensure that deformation is minimized under stress.

3. Compact Arrangement of Support Rolls

The compact arrangement of leveling rolls and a large number of staggered support rolls ensure that the leveling rolls remain unbent and undistorted under stress, maintaining stability and reliability.

4. Constant Hydraulic Pressure

A robust hydraulic system ensures that the gap (mechanical dead limit) between upper and lower rolls remains unchanged at all times, contributing to consistent processing results and enhanced production efficiency.

5. Three-Beam Hydraulic Press Structure

Featuring a three-beam hydraulic press structure, the ADV-108 exhibits excellent rigidity, minimizing overall deformation during operation. This ensures high-precision straightening effects.

6. Open Design for Easy Maintenance

The open design on the right side of the equipment provides ample space for easy cleaning, maintenance, and replacement of leveling rolls, minimizing downtime during production.

7. Next-Generation Environment-Friendly Equipment

The ADV-108 represents a new generation of environmentally friendly, energy-efficient, and low-carbon metal plate and flat part processing equipment, driving the stainless steel precision processing field towards sustainability.

Application of ADV-108 in the Food Industry

Enhancing Stainless Steel Product Quality

The ADV-108, through its advanced straightening technology, improves the surface smoothness of external tubes, ensuring that the final product meets the highest quality standards, especially crucial in the food industry.

Compliance with Food Safety Standards

The equipment is constructed with food-grade stainless steel and incorporates an advanced hydraulic system to ensure that processed products meet the strictest food safety standards.

Boosting Production Efficiency

The compact design and efficient straightening technology enable the ADV-108 to rapidly process external tubes of various specifications, enhancing production efficiency and reducing manufacturing costs.


The ADV-108 External Tube Polishing Machine exemplifies advanced technology and efficient performance in the realm of stainless steel precision processing. If you are seeking equipment to improve production efficiency, elevate product quality, and meet the highest food safety standards, the ADV-108 stands as the ideal choice. Contact us to learn more about the ADV-108, and we look forward to contributing to the success of your business.

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