Non Woven Roller Brush Abrasive Polishing Flap Wheel With Shaft

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Product Description

1. Remove excessive hole plugging ink(only refers to High-cut brush Roller).
2. Smooth the surface of build-up, IVH/BVH, Pre-preg(only refers to High-cut brush Roller)
3. Reduce metal/Remove residual metal”nodules” and metal particles after plated(only refers to High-cut brush Roller)
4. Remove black oxide from IVH and BVH process.
5. Deburring after drilling.
6. Remove the PP resin on the steel plate.
7. Processing prior to dry film/wet film/silk screen printing/green oil.
8. Polishing and cleaning treatment of the stainless steel surface.
9. Removing black oxide/ Cleaning / grinding / polishing of thin metal surface.

Machine Parameters

Polishing brush
Product name
Non-woven brush wheel Roller Brush
Brush Material
Non woven Abrasive material
Polishing, Satin finish,hairline finish
Service life
Outer Diameter
300 mm
Inner Diameter
127 mm
Roller Length
1650 mm
Other specifications
Factory direct sales, the size can be customized

Application industry and sample


✮High/Middle cutting force

✮Uniform grinding surface

✮Beautiful surface after grinding

✮Good adhesion

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