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1.Have high production efficiency, high level of automation, low labour intensity, environmental protection and stable quality etc.
2.The height and angle of rollers are adjustable,can satisfy kinds of specification
3.Easy-handing and safety
4.Advantage design and stable and mature quality
5.Almost full automatic control
6.Durable and reliable
7.High Technological Properties Pan Polishing Machine
8.Using cloth emery disc , low cost and high efficient ,mirror polished
9.Frequency speed control ,high quality,Low noise and beautiful brightness of the surface

Machine Parameters

Size Of Workpiece ≤Ø400*350mm
Size Of Abrasive Wheel ≤ Ø430*330mm
Polishing Wheel Motor 11*2kw
Workpiece Motor 0.75*2kw
Workpiece Reciprocating Motor 0.37kw
Speed Of Abrasive Wheel 2160r/min
Speed Of Workpiece 28-140r/min
Machine Dimensions 3575*1256*1275mm
Aproximated Weight 2300kg
Warranty 2years

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