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Product Description

1. The dish head polishing head can polish and grind the inside and outside the tank.
2. According to the grinding and polishing requirements of the workpiece, the grinding head can be equipped with an abrasive belt or a buffing wheel.
3.Adaptive constant floating structure, can be adapted to the workpiece ovality ≤50mm.
There are two floating cylinders at the grinding head end (one polishing floating cylinders and other belt tensioning cylinder)

It has VFD control, PLC control, and CNC control according to your different requirements on productivities. The available standard diameter for the tank is 219-3000mm or customized.Tank & dish head polishing machine is widely used in medical area,chemical,environmental purification,food,beverage and water filter,etc.

Machine Parameters

Abrasive Belt Size 1880*50mm/2100*100mm
Belts Grit 20#-3000#
Belt Line Speed 0-30m/s
Processing Tank Diamter Range Ø219-Ø3000mm
Processing Tank Lenght ≤3000mm
Polishing Wheel Motor Power 4kw(or customized)
Warranty 2years
Surface Roughnes ≤0.1um(by many times)

Application industry and sample

The machine is mainly used for chemical, food, biological, water treatment, pharmaceutical, dyeing and finishing,
pressure vessels and other fields:
1. Food, chemical stainless steel tank body
2. medical disinfection cabinet, filter
3. all kinds of cars with cylinder head and head
4. a variety of large-scale transmission pipe end of the tube, outside the weld
5. nuclear reactor and similar high-pressure heavy-duty container, the outer surface of grinding and polishing
6.nuclear reactor and similar high-pressure heavy-duty container, the outer longitudinal, ring weld grinding and welding root cleaning

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