ADV-118 robotic series

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Product Description

ADV Grinding is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to providing professional automatic grinding, deburring and polishing integrated workstations and industrial robot applications for aluminum casting customers.

Equipment introduction:
This equipment is composed of robot control cabinet, sand belt integrated machine, deburring module, turning module, double-layer material table, and sheet metal room. The overall size of the equipment is 3760mm*2400mm*2400mm

Workflow General:
1.workers feeding to the feeding table The fanuc manipulator grabs the workpiece and grinds it at the belt integrated machine. The grinding is divided into rough grinding and fine grinding.
2.When it needs to be flipped, the robot moves the workpiece to the flipping module after grinding.
3.After changing the workpiece surface, grab the workpiece and enter it into the deburring module to remove burrs. 4.Finally, put it into the discharge table to discharge.
The deburring module is equipped with engraving machines, milling cutters, steel brushes, rotary files, floating and other configuration tools to choose from.

Machine Parameters

Product name
Automatic Robot Metal polishing machine
Aluminum casting grinding and polishing
8 kw
Rated current
25 A
Arn maximum load
70 kg
Repeatability positioning accuracy
±0.06 mm
Processing size with jig
Machine dimensions
3760*2400*2400 mm
Machine weight
5000 kg

Application industry and sample

Application Materials :

Robotic Automatic Polishing Machine is suitable for grinding and polishing various kinds of faucet body, handle wheel, round pipe, different kinds of decoration parts etc. Metal materials polishing like Brass, Aluminum, Zinc Alloy stainless steel , Tubes and Pipes, etc.

Application industry

Robotic Automatic Polishing Machines are widely used in Bathroom industry, Hardware industry, Tool industry, Medical industry, Furniture industry, Automobiles industry, Tableware industry and so on. Such as manufacture kitchen ware, metals components and parts, ironware, metal crafts, metal art ware, kinds of hardware, auto parts, electronic parts etc

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ADV 118-A1
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ADV 118-A3
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