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At ADV-Polish, we've perfected the art of metal deburring, metal polishing, and metal leveling like no other. With 25 years of industry expertise, we're your trusted partners in achieving flawless metal surfaces.

Metal Deburring: Our cutting-edge deburring solutions ensure that your metal components are free from imperfections. Say goodbye to rough edges and unwanted burrs, leaving your products with a pristine finish that meets the highest standards of quality.

Metal Polishing: We take metal shine to the next level. Our metal polishing machines work their magic, leaving your metal surfaces gleaming and ready to impress. Whether it's for aesthetics or functionality, we've got the polishing expertise you need.

Metal Leveling: Precision is our mantra, and our metal leveling machines deliver just that. From thin, delicate parts to thick plates and advanced materials, our equipment ensures your sheets and parts are perfectly flat and stress-relieved.

Deburring Machine

Our deburring machine is engineered for precise burr removal, eliminating rough edges and imperfections from metal components.

Precise Burr Removal

Versatility Across Metal Types

Edge-Rounding Capability

Oxide Layer Removal

Heavy Slag Removal


Metal Surface Polishing

Metal Polishing by ADV-Polish: Elevating Shine and Performance

Exquisite Shine and Finish: Achieves a mirror-like, high-gloss appearance.

Precision Surface Preparation: Prepares for coating, plating, or welding.

Improved Corrosion Resistance: Protects against environmental damage.

Enhanced Cleanability: Easier to clean and maintain.


Metal Leveling Machine

Metal Leveling Machine by ADV-Polish: Achieving Perfection in Metal Sheets

Precision Leveling

Versatility Across Materials

Stress Relief

Improved Surface Quality

Consistency and Reliability


Manual Belt Sander

Belt sanders are versatile tools used for smoothing surfaces, material removal, deburring, shaping, and more in woodworking, metalworking, and DIY projects.

Ideal for cutting, shaping, profiling, finishing, satin, or mirror polishing.

Robust 45# steel frame for stability, low noise, and minimal vibration.

Multi-purpose and DIY-friendly for belt changes.

Adjustable speed with a tuning converter for versatility.

High stability, even at a high speed of 2900rpm.

FAQ-About US
Yes, we provide free samples or demonstrations to help potential customers assess the quality and performance of our machines.
ADV-Polish specializes in providing metalworking solutions, including deburring machines, metal polishing machines, and metal leveling machines.
We are based in [Hefei,City Anhui Province, China.] and offer local support services to assist customers with their metalworking needs.
Our 25 years of industry experience, commitment to innovation, and exceptional product quality make us a top choice for metalworking solutions.
FAQ-About Products
A: Yes, we have CE, Provide you with a one-stop service. At first we will show you and and after shipment we will give you CE/Packing list/Commercial Invoice/ Sales contract for customs clearance.
A: Please tell us your product information and polishing process, then we can recommend the suitable machine to you.
A: 2 years quality guaranty. Lifetime technical support and consumables at the lowest price.
A: Yes, we have rich experience in handling after-sales issues via video or email. Meanwhile the engineers are available to service overseas. We have agents in different countries too if you want local service or sample testing.

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