ADV 508-HR Heavy Slag Removal Machine

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Product Description

1.Heavy slag, also known as dross, is basically molten metal on parts that are produced during thermal cutting operations: oxy-fuel, flame cutting and plasma cutting.
2.The ADV 508-HR series is used for heavy slag removal, deburring,edge rounding and oxide layer removal of thick carbon steel plate.
3.The standard available width is 800mm, 1100mm, 1400mm, or customized.

4.The deburring machine can process parts with a minimum size of 30mm*30mm(with a magnetic table).

Machine Parameters

ADV 508-HR800 heavy slag removal metal deburring machine
Effective processing width
30-800 mm
Processing thickness
Minimum Machinable Size
Belt size
Conveying speed
0.5-8m/min frequency control
No.1 motor power
2.2*2kw(cleaning hammer or sand block)
No.2 motor power
11kw(abrasive belt)
Conveying motor power
Vacuum adsorption motor power
15 kw(optional)
Total motor power
Machine size

Application industry and sample

* The slag does not contribute to the strength and protection of the metal, but is rather a form of waste.
* The slag formation does not look attractive nor professional from an aesthetic point of view.
* The metal slag makes it difficult to apply an adhesive coating to the surface.

More Info

 HR combinations that can be customized according to customer requirements(H=hammer, R=sand belt, S=sand block, W=rotary brush)

Function of HR series equipment

  • Efficient removal of heavy slag on the surface of parts
  • The surface of parts shall be polished after treatment
  • Blunt the inner and outer contour of the part
  • Strong magnetic adsorption force, satisfy smaller parts
  • Automatic compensation for abrasive material
  • Abrasive replacement remind
  • Different combination depending on the customer’s needs

Features of HR series equipment

  • Replacing inefficient manual grinding of workpieces through type processing
  • Finish cutting slag and oxide layer removal with one feeding
  • This equipment is equipped with 2 sets of slag cleaning hammer structure
  • PLC touch operation, and the equipment has built-in LED source
  • Strong magnetic conveying platform, which can process small parts
  • Optional wet dust collector to absorb dust when working
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