Precision Craftsmanship After Laser Cutting: ADV 508-RW Deburring Machine Enhances Stainless Steel Sheet Processing

Apr 18 ,2024

Precision Craftsmanship After Laser Cutting: ADV 508-RW Deburring Machine Enhances Stainless Steel Sheet Processing

In the realm of laser cutting technology, the widespread use of stainless steel sheets has become a hallmark of precision and quality. However, the aftermath of laser cutting often leaves hard burrs and cutting residues, presenting a challenge to achieve the desired finish. Enter the ADV-508RW Deburring Machine, a crucial ally in the meticulous processing of stainless steel sheets.

Application Scenarios:

The ADV-508RW Deburring Machine excels in post-processing stainless steel sheets following laser cutting. Its precision in deburring and uniform rounding of internal and external contours make it indispensable in the manufacturing process of stainless steel products. From large sheets to intricate components, this machine caters to a variety of workpiece sizes.

Market Outlook:

As the demand for impeccable stainless steel products continues to rise, the ADV-508RW Deburring Machine stands at the forefront of innovation. Manufacturers, in their pursuit of heightened product quality, recognize the pivotal role deburring machines play in achieving the desired surface treatment.

Key Advantages:

  1. Significant Deburring Effect: The ADV-508RW efficiently removes hard burrs, ensuring a smooth surface finish for stainless steel products.
  2. Uniform Rounding of Contours: This machine excels in contour rounding, guaranteeing a consistent finish on internal and external contours, thereby enhancing the overall aesthetics of the product.
  3. Strong Adsorptive Force: With powerful suction capabilities, the equipment is adept at processing various sizes of small parts with ease.
  4. Flexible Operation: The PLC touch operation provides flexibility, and the machine includes a reminder for abrasive replacement, contributing to operational convenience.


ADV-508RW Machine Parameters:

– Model: ADV 508-RW1300

– Available Width: 30-1300mm

– Available Thickness: 0.5-100mm

– Belt Speed: 3-15m/s (Frequency control speed)

– Feed Speed: 0.5-7m/min (Frequency speed)

– Belt Size: 2200*1320mm

– Vac-Sorb Motor: 15KW (8500-10000pa, Frequency control)

– Belt Station Power: 18.5KW

– Rotary Brush Motor Power: 4KW*4(sets of 8 rotary brushes)

– Minimum workpiece size: Magnetic adsorption(30*30mm)
Vacuum adsorption(50*50mm)

– Machine Weight: 4900KG


The introduction of the ADV-508RW Deburring Machine not only elevates the processing capabilities of stainless steel sheets but also injects new vitality into the manufacturing industry. Its outstanding performance, combined with the promising market outlook, makes it an indispensable tool for manufacturers striving to deliver higher-quality stainless steel products to their customers.

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